Friday Night Pickleball in Basalt

Friday Oct 20 is the start of pickleball in Basalt. We play at Basalt Middle School on School Road. It’s all been remodeled so they want us to park in the front parking lot and go through the front door. Walk past the auditorium doors on the left then take the double doors to the left and you can’t miss the gym. I get into the gym at 5:30pm after middle school sports are finishing then proceed to put the lines on the floor and set up the nets. If anyone wants to come and help, it is always welcome. We start play about 5:45. I would like to start a good habit for those that want to pick up their game. I will have three courts for the first 45 minutes doing different drills. Everyone can work on their dinks, volleys, and third shot drops and serves so we’ll do some circuit training. It’s also a great way to warm up and stretch. About 6:30 we’ll start matches with the signup on the black board. This sport is exploding so I welcome all mo matter where you hail from-visitors always welcome.
The cost is only $2 to help pay for the weekly rolls of painters’ tape used to line the courts. If there are any questions, feel free to call me at 970-379-8163
I hope to do every Friday til Memorial Day, but I was told that around Thanksgiving the gym may be closed due to resurfacing the court. I plan on a New Years pot luck. Due to New Years being on a weekend, We thought that Friday 29 Dec will be a fun time to get together.

Can’t wait to see everyone.
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Maurine & John Fitzpatrick