Pickleball in Vail at Golden Peak – Jenny Rink Art Work

From Charlie: Becky K. is creating a very nice piece for everyone to sign and send to Joe from Vail Valley pickleballers in remembrance of Jenny.
It’s designed so everybody can sign it. Getting it signed this late in the season is a challenge.
For those who won’t make it to OB’s, Becky or I will bring it to the Golden Peak Pickleball Courts on Saturday for signing. I believe this may be the last of OB’s events for the season (thanks,OB!) so everyone should attend that can.
Point of clarification: no donation required to sign the artwork.If anyone wants to chip in $10 to help cover the cost they can give it to Charlie Penwill or Becky Kieler. Donations to American Cancer in Jenny’s name are private, personal, and quite separate. Thanks
OB’s APP party this Friday at Red Draw Ranch – O. B. Nelson.
Friday, Sept. 8th from 5-8+. (214) 632-3101