Carbondale – New Format


To start this court there must be at least 4 players signed up. Those 4 will compete and the winning team will take on the 2 new challengers.    If the same 2 win again all four will come off and a new set of 4 will go on. As the losers come off they will get in to rotation to play on the recreation courts for at least 1 game. The winners of 2 games on the challenge court will also sign up for at least 1 game on the recreation courts. After a team has won 2 games a new foursome will go out and the process will start over. If you have a foursome that you want to play together, you must sign up and wait until the time all four players come off. If there are no challengers the next recreational 4 can use the court.                                              

Players can only sign up for the recreational courts or the challenge court not both at the same time. On days when we have a great turn out all courts will play to 9 not 11.


Know when you are supposed to be up and be ready to play. Do not erase the names from the board until you are sure ALL players are out on the court. Do not skip a BLANK column DIRECTLY in front of the column you are signing up on. If you skip a column another group may sign up ahead of you and you have now lost your place. If you do not have pockets to hold balls, Do Not throw balls under the benches. Put them in the folds of the dividers for safe keeping and later use.